Monday, November 3, 2008

treating infants

Infants tend to be so amazingly connected to their mothers that treatment can be effected by treatment of the mother. For most conditions, very little treatment is necessary and improvement can be quite rapid.

Once I was seated on a long airplane journey next to a mother and 9-month-old infant. The baby was covered with hives, quite uncomfortable and crying. The mother and I conversed. I explained what I did and asked if she would let me touch the infant. In the cramped conditions of the airplane, treating the infant was the practical solution. She said yes. I put two fingers on the baby's body, while the mother and I chatted. In twenty minutes, the hives were gone completely and the baby was calm.

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gesbaby said...

Would it be possible for you to share what pressure points you touched for the hives? My 6 month old is suffering from terrible hives for the past three days now, triggered by a food containing corn meal.